Since 2007, the Christian Editor Connection has been a free “matchmaking service” to connect authors, publishers, and agents with qualified, established, professional editorial freelancers who meet their specific needs. If you are looking for a Christian editor, fill out our online request form with the details of your project, and you will be personally matched with editors who best fit your request. Those editors will contact you individually and work directly with you. This service is available for authors, publishers, and agents at no charge!

Editors who are interested in being listed in the Christian Editor Connection database must fill out an online application and take tests in whatever editorial services they wish to offer. These tests are designed to test the editors’ skills and determine their levels of experience. Those who pass at least one test are added to our database in their specialty. As a result of this screening process, all of the editors in the Christian Editor Connection are established, experienced professionals.

The CEC editors are dedicated to helping you make your writing the best it can be. Visit our site to learn more.