It takes a team to produce a well-written and well-edited book! And because the Christian Editors Association wants to honor the teams behind such books, we are proud to sponsor the annual Editors’ Choice Award.

This award (which ran for seven years as the Excellence in Editing Award, sponsored by CEA’s Christian Editor Connection) celebrates newly released books that are superbly written, well edited, and published by a Christian publisher or self-published by a Christian author.

Professional editors are picky about the books they read in their free time. When they find one that is beautifully written, well edited, and has few or no typos or “PUGS” errors, they rejoice at discovering such a precious treasure. The Editors’ Choice Award honors books that even a professional editor can enjoy!

The Editors’ Choice Award is open to books published in hardcover or paperback in the current calendar year. Books must be written in English, have been released in North America, and contain a Christian worldview.

The publication teams (authors, editors, and publishers) behind the ECA-winning books will be honored for their dedication and hard work, and they may mention this award in their marketing, promotion, and publicity. The most valuable aspect of the award is its use as a book sales stimulator.

Winners will be announced and promoted on the ECA website and through the social media accounts of the Christian Editors Association’s other divisions: The Christian PENChristian Editor Connection, and PENCON.

Editors' Choice Award

Judging is based on the following criteria:

    • organization of content
    • flow
    • clarity
    • tight writing
    • accuracy
    • consistency
    • lack of typos
    • proper use of industry-standard guidelines for punctuation, usage, grammar, and spelling
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Our judging panel includes established, professional freelance editors currently working in the Christian publishing industry. (Editors are not allowed to judge any books they have worked on or books written by authors they have worked with.) Ghostwritten books are not eligible.


ECA winners will be announced live during the PENCON editors’ conference in May, then notified by email and posted on the Editors’ Choice Award website and the Christian Editors Association’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Winning authors and editors will also be interviewed for articles that will appear in an upcoming PEN Tips blog, the Christian Editors Association’s newsletter, and the Network News newsletter that goes out to all members of The Christian PEN.

In addition, each winning team member will receive a printed certificate and digital ECA Winner emblem. Authors will receive emblem stickers to place on their books.

Plus, each winning author and editor may select one of the following prizes from the Christian Editors Association:

Upon request, winning authors and editors will be provided with judges’ notes on their submissions to help them further improve their writing and editing skills and to make corrections to the e-book or a future edition of the print book.


Authors, editors, and publishers may submit any number of books they have contributed to. A separate entry fee is charged for each book entered. A PDF of the book must be submitted along with a PDF or JPG of its front and back covers.

Do not send e-books, marketing kits, reviews, or other supporting material.

By entering this contest, the author, editor, or publisher asserts that he or she agrees with the Statement of Faith on the Christian Editors Association website.

Unless specifically requested otherwise, entrants will be automatically added to the Christian Editors Association mailing list for contest updates. They may opt out of this list at any time.

Entries must be received between June 1 and midnight on December 31 for books published the current calendar year.


June 1–November 15 (Midnight PST):
PEN/CEC Member, $45 | Non-member, $60

November 16–December 31 (Midnight PST):
PEN/CEC Member, $60 | Non-member, $75

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Want to be a judge? If you are a Christian and an established, professional freelance editor, and you’re interested in being a judge for the Editors’ Choice Award, please contact us. Click here for detailed judging guidelines.

You may specify what genre(s) you’re interested in judging and how many entries you would like to receive. (Note: If you find too many errors in the first few pages, you will not need to continue reading that entry.)