Please review the following Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not answered below, please contact us.

1. Why is Christian Editor Network creating the Christian Editing Standard Rate Chart?

Over the years, we have been asked by members and nonmembers about how to set freelancing rates. Since a standard rate chart hasn’t existed for Christian editors, we would direct these inquiries to the Editorial Freelancers Association.

There are two main problems with this recommendation. The EFA rate chart does not specify how current the data is. In an industry that has changed so drastically in the last five years, it is important to know when the data was collected to determine if it is an accurate reflection of today’s rates. Second, the EFA rate chart is a standard for all editorial freelancers and not specific to the Christian market. Just like we need a special style guide for Christian writing, we need a special rate chart for Christian editing.

We hope to create a new standard for Christian editors to find current rates and industry information. Our desire is to help freelancers stay competitive in their fields, remain professional within their levels of experience and types of services offered, and set up new businesses.

2. How are you qualified to create this industry standard?

We began as a small network of Christian editors in 2004 when Kathy Ide saw a need for connection and support. Since then we have expanded into four divisions under one parent company. These divisions provide support, connection, networking, and education for more than a thousand editors who specialize in the Christian market.

We have polled our members, subscribers, partners, and industry connections and asked them to help us create a chart that accurately represents the Christian editing industry.

3. Is this rate chart only for Christian freelance editors?

Yes. This standard rate chart is for freelance editors in the Christian market. It will not reflect in-house editing rates or general-market rates. However, we are collecting data from freelancers who work with publishers and Christians who work on general-market manuscripts.

4. Setting rates is a personal decision. Why should I share it with you?

We need to capture as much rate information as possible to provide the best standard rate chart. Personal contact information and individual email addresses will not be included in the survey results.

5. Will I get something in return for my response?

We are not providing compensation for your time or information. However, we hope you see the value you are adding by participating in the survey. Since everything we do is to honor God and share His love in a hurting world, your assistance not only helps the editing community, it helps spread the message of Christ through their work.

6. What will you do with my data?

We will review the data; compile trends in each area; and create the categories, rate ranges, and additional information that show the standard rates within specific services and genres. After we finalize the data and determine the best way to present the results, we will publish the new Christian Editing Standard Rate Chart.

7. Will you share my contact information?

No. We are not collecting your personal information in conjunction with this survey. We request that you provide your email address at the end of the survey for two reasons. It serves as a unique identifier for your data response entry, and it allows us to send you an automated response of your survey answers. Your email will not be used beyond that.

8. How can I find out when the rate chart is published?

If you would like to get updates about the progress and final survey results, you may sign up for our email subscription. We will email you regarding the survey and provide occasional emails about other Christian Editor Network announcements and promotions.

9. When will the results be posted?

The publishing date will be dependent on the number of responses and the timing in which we receive them. We plan to have the results published in 2020. If you do not sign up to receive updates, please check back with us then.

10. How can I recommend changes for the next survey and rate chart?

We would appreciate any suggestions for ways to improve. Please include any comments in your survey response or contact us directly.

11. How often will the rate chart be updated?

We plan to update the rate chart every three years. If we see a need to do it sooner, we may begin collecting data in two years. Stay in touch to get updates.

12. What does Christian Editor Network do?

Christian Editor Network equips and empowers Christian editors. Our four divisions are uniquely designed to support editors, connect editors to clients, educate new and experienced editors, and offer networking opportunities.

The Christian PEN is a community of Christian editors who support one another in the ever-changing publishing industry. Become a member at

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PENCON is the only conference for editors in the Christian market. Join us in a new location each year to learn from industry professionals and network with fellow editors. Register at

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